Strawberry Kid’s Beret 4

One day my friend mentioned in conversation that she would love to have for her girl strawberry hat.

I was intrigued by what she has in mind and fumbled on the internet hoping to find something I do not know what. And indeed, I found a strawberry pattern! by Iin Wibisono  So I got the idea to use this pattern for the beret hat.

Used green 100% cotton yarn and red Sensation Caribbean Cotton 56%-Acrylic 38%-Polyester 6% blend

Chain necessary number of chains for head rim. Crochet 4-5 rounds Single Crochet(Sc)

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Strawberry BeretStrawberry Beret

Use this video how to crochet strawberry stitches, but make Sc rounds by NOT skipping center of strawberry as said in the video, thus there is a necessary extension of the beret. Make 3-4 rounds of strawberry pattern.

Strawberry BeretStrawberry BeretStrawberry BeretStrawberry BeretStrawberry BeretStrawberry Beret

After extension we have to start narrowing beret. For this in the rounds where you make Sc, at regular intervals make 2 Sc together. Continue to decrease till you reach center of the beret. Tighten the stitches, cut off and hide the end of the yarn between inside stitches.

Strawberry BeretStrawberry BeretStrawberry Beret

And, what I got!

Strawberry Beret


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