Ten reasons why handmade work cannot be cheap 2

1.Time to produce one instance always takes longer than when the same things that make on-stream.

2.The product is made according to your wishes. You can change in the process, add to, take off as much as possible parts for optimal results.
3.Product is an exclusive. No one else has a replica. Even if the master does repeat, the two products still does not turn out exactly the same. I am pleased to know that some things have just me.

4.Master carefully controls the entire manufacturing process, every stitch, every loop. Its product – it’s her reputation and her name. She cannot afford to make low-quality thing.

5.Lot of time leaves on the selection of materials. Not just find the right yarn or correct underlying tissue, they need to pick up a bunch of accessories, and so that it all combined ideally.

6.On stream almost no manual work. But handmade gives a very different result. On the machine cannot achieve such a careful details. No wonder that Coco Chanel has always given preference to manual labor.

7.To achieve a good result you need to know the whole process of production, to know the composition of materials and their properties. Is in the factories every worker juts out into such detail? A master must surely!

8.The Master not saves any on quality. In factories savings are one of the first places in individual projects and this is not appropriate, because the main thing for the master is not to commit an act of purchase and sale, but find a host for his brainchild.

9.At the order of the original product to you, no one will impose you unnecessary things. To you and your wishes will be listened to and try together with you to create a unique thing.

10.The thing has a soul, character, temperament, history.

If you consider that is expensive, do it yourself!


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